The windows in your home serve different purposes in each room. Windows can be functional yet can also be used for appearance and aesthetics. There are a number of ways that the types of windows can be categorized such as: providing light, capturing a view, decorative, ventilation.

And, within each of these categories there are additional features and types depending on your needs.

small-double-hung Double hung - Double hung windows are chosen for their unique style, ease of access and superior ventilation capabilities. The top of the window can be opened while the bottom remains closed - great for kids' rooms. Double hung windows can go practically anywhere in your home. They're perfect for kitchens, offices and bedrooms.
small-casement-window Casement - Casement windows open outward for light, fresh air and side breezes. They're tightly sealed for energy efficiency and great for hard-to- reach places, such as over sinks and appliances in the kitchen. Casements crank open, as opposed to sliding up and down, making them easier to maneuver.
small-awning-window Awning - Awning windows are designed to provide light and breeze. They're great for bedrooms and other areas that need to maintain privacy but still let some light in. Awnings can be opened slightly to allow ventilation. They can be positioned in a variety of places: next to other windows, arranged in columns, or placed above large patio doors to create a wall of light and fresh air.
small-garden-window Garden - These are primarily used for kitchens. They add character to the room. In addition, Garden windows provide for additional lighting and allow for a breeze and air circulation. The added shelf space offers room for a planting and other decorations.
small-bay-window Sliding - Sliding windows move on top and bottom tracks. They are very common and very affordable window option. The are commonly used in basements to provide maximum lighting and ventilation.
small-picture-windows Picture - Picture windows create unobstructed views of the outdoors. They're best in areas where ventilation isn't a big concern. Think about installing them high on the walls of dark rooms and hallways for infinitely better lighting. In combination with patio doors or open-and-close windows, picture windows bring the perfect balance of light and ventilation.
small-bay-window Bay or Bow - Bay windows create an open, peaceful feel indoors. Their multiple views allow light to stream in from different angles. Plus, the sides of the window can be opened for air circulation. Bay windows dress up any home with uniqueness and style. Replacing a flat window with a bay can completely change the amount of light that a room receives.

The right windows can make a world of difference to the look and energy efficiency of your home.

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